We are asking you to support Canberra region artists through an ongoing monthly or one-off donation. Please give generously. 100% of funds received by Belco Arts will go towards paying artists from the Canberra region to deliver new public programs, delivered online, free of charge to the whole community.

Your ongoing support will sustain your local creative community, and help Canberra region artists to recover from the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19. Through your donation, you are supporting sustainable careers and fair pay for artists, the development of new work, and engagement with the community to help share a life-long love of the arts.

Together, we will go the distance.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible. Please pledge what you can, and let others know about how they can help.


Where will my donation go?

To Canberra & ACT Region-based artists and creatives.

How much of what I donate will go to artists?

Belco Arts will pass on 100% of the funds we receive after processing fees, and bear all administrative costs ourselves. Artists will be paid their fee plus 9.5% superannuation. We have selected a fundraising platform with the lowest fees we could find, and we have negotiated a special non-profit rate for small transactions with the payment processor. Processing fees vary depending on how much is donated. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt each month, and at the end of the financial year.

When will artists start to receive funds?

Donations are processed straight away and remitted to us in under a week, so we can engage artists as soon as we receive enough donations to pay their fees.

When will their work start to come online?

Within 4 weeks of the artist being engaged, depending on the nature of the work and any further disruptions due to the pandemic.

What kind of work will be online?

Depending on the available funds, we are planning to present online workshops, artists talks, readings, rehearsals, performances and discussion forums.

How can I change my monthly donation amount?

You can manage this yourself through an online account, created for you when you donate, or email us and we can help.

How will artists be selected?

Artists are selected through an open EOI callout, under Belco Arts’ usual programming processes. We select artists who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and who can deliver the best quality creative outcomes for the community.

How else can I help?

Please share the campaign with friends, family and colleagues, and use the social media buttons to spread the word. Thank you!