Mariana Del Castillo

Mariana del Castillo graduated with a BA at the ANU School of Art & Design 1989. Mariana was invited: Concept Costume Designer – ‘Red dress’ Production, Denmark; site specific installations in 2019 Canberra Glassworks; 2017 Canberra Museum and Gallery; Footy Fever at Canberra Contemporary Arts Centre; Art + Climate = change at the Australian Galleries, Melbourne; and Protest at M16 Art Space. A finalist in the Canberra Domain Project in 2008; She was invited to produce artworks for 2016-18, 20 ‘Contour 556.

2020 Installations: Art not Apart. 2021 Assembly Point, Melbourne, Slot window Gallery Alexandria, Sydney; Gallery126, Armidale. Finalist: 2018 Deakin University Contemporary art award. 2017 Woollahra Small Sculpture prize, Fishers Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre recipient: 2009 CAPO Rosalie Gascoigne award and the 2015 CAPO Macquarie Wealth Award. Her works are in public and private collections including the Canberra Museum and Gallery, ANU, NRS Group, the Parliamentary Group, Harris Hobbs art collection, Gorman House art collection, St. Dominican Glebe, Mallesons Stephen & Jaques, Barristers and Solicitors and Private and Corporate collections in Australia, U.K, Ecuador,USA, Japan, Germany.

Off Balance

A Going the Distance Project

Off Balance is a series of video works and physical sculptures in the format of an online exhibition. Del Castillo has also created a dedicated art space in her home/gallery (The border) to develop and house this installation.

This period of isolation has allowed Del Castillo unprecedented time in her studio. This unexpected weight of time shifted her creative focus from static imagery and sculptures to moving narratives.

She began to visit locations in the Southern tablelands creating site specific videos alluding to threads of a forgotten memory.

Returning from the isolation of the landscape to the isolation of the studio and the inevitable panic of pandemic sliding into the delusion of violence and institutionalised racism, the talking heads of experts, doctors and politicians, replaced by images of angry crowds and riots.

Small paper figures and protesters began populating her bench top slowly becoming a diverse crowd of animated actors.

Project works

Off Balance

23 October, 2020