Jim Sharrock

Jim Sharrock loves playing music for kids; they’re an honest and responsive audience. He has been involved in the music and community arts sector for over 20 years. When he’s not touring, he’s teaching in primary schools here in Canberra or running music workshops for organisations such as Belco Arts, Young Music Society or Musica Viva. For the last four years, he’s been playing music for kids in schools around Australia with the band Doctor Stovepipe, a Musica Viva show that follows musical trails around the world, exploring how music changes as it travels through space and time. His latest project, There’s Something Stinky in the Fridge and other Family Favourites, has been a labour of love and is his best work to date.

Lucky Jim Live

A Going the Distance Project

Canberra-based musician and teacher Jim Sharrock presents Lucky Jim Live, a raucously fun live-streamed show for primary-aged kids and their families. Join Jim and interact in real-time as he performs original music and engages the whole family through play, song and dance. Each episode of Lucky Jim Live will feature opportunities for kids and families to actively participate in entertaining songs, stories, movement, interviews and instrument-making activities.

Listening to and playing music has a range of educational, emotional and social benefits. It is an important part of cultural life and has the power to bring people together, especially during times of separation and uncertainty such as we are now facing. That is why Jim creates and produces music for people of all ages.

Project works

Episode 5

20 June, 2020

Episode 4

13 June, 2020

Episode 3

6 June, 2020

Episode 2

30 May, 2020

Episode 1

23 May, 2020