Bec Taylor

Bec Taylor spent a decade working professionally as a performer (piano, drums and vocals) touring nationally with Glitoris, Fun Machine and Hashemoto, she has recording credits on over 15 studio albums, and has received critical acclaim for her songwriting, performing and recordings. Her solo songs are melodic and flowing, rhythmic and contemplative, with a solid pop edge. As founder of The Bec Taylor School of Music in Canberra, she is a passionate educator of young and not-so-young people. Bec believes in the power of music to change lives.

Brunch with Bec

A Going the Distance Project

Connect with live music in your own safe space as Canberra chanteuse, Bec Taylor takes you on a remarkable journey of the piano through the decades. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am for three weeks, Bec will showcase the piano played in a variety of styles including Classical, Jazz, Classic Pop and Rock, Australian Women of Rock, and Australian Men of Rock and finally a full set of Bec Taylor originals from her upcoming solo album.

While Bec is an accomplished performer and songwriter, playing the piano is where Bec’s musical soul loves to reside. Brunch With Bec is an online piano residency where Bec will take you a journey of where the piano has been and where it can go, playing some of your favourite songs along the way.

Sit back and relax with a cuppa, invite some mates over for brunch, or just tune in and carry on with your day. Brunch with Bec let’s you enjoy a live intimate piano gig any which way you choose.

Image credit: Adam Thomas

Project works

Session 6

9 August, 2020

Session 5

7 July, 2020

Session 4

2 July, 2020

Session 3

30 June, 2020

Session 2

25 June, 2020

Session 1

23 June, 2020